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E.FLOORDECK is a structural panel element that acts as the surface of floor and is roll formed from Hot-dipped Zinc-Coated High Tensile steel in Total Coating Thickness (TCT) of 0.80mm ÷ 1.50mm. The steel conform to AS1397, Grade 450Mpa & 550Mpa and Z275, Z350 coatings with a non standard zinc coating mass: Z180, Z220, Z450. 

E.FLOORDECK is engineered to span over joist and purlins and can also be fastenered to the supp orting structure to enable it act as a diaphragm and provide lateral bracing for the structure.

E.FLOORDECK is roll formed from steel with Zinc coated Z275 & Z350 & Z450, with this coating that provides a tough, non-porous barrier and does not allow moisture to come in contact with the steel, the steel core must be protected from the environment and corrosion will be controlled and not allowed to affect the integrity and strength of E.FLOORDECK.
The Zinc coated acting as a protective barrier is able to sacrifice itself to protect the underlying sheet steel if it is exposed, like at a cut edge or a scratch. Sacrificial protection occurs when two dissimilar metals are in electrical contact and are coupled with water and oxygen. Under most condition, a Z275 Zinc coating can typically protect gaps of bare steel or edges up to 1.0 mm.

E.FLOORDECK  is used as a permanent or “stay in place” form for a reinforced concrete poured in place slab, there are certain advantages in cost and a shorter construction time for this type of concrete formwork over traditional removable formwork.
E.FLOORDECK  does not have a concrete cover and is the sole load carrying element.
E.FLOORDECK  incorporates mechanical means of interlocking the concrete and the steel deck, the deck become the positive moment reinforcement in the reinforced concrete slab, and widely accepted by the Building Construction Industry to be highly versatile, robust. It has been used to great effect on many major steel structure projects.
Saving of up to 30% in Negative reinforcement due to Moment redistribution and increased unsupported spans of E.FLOORDECK at the formwork stage due to the inclusion of Negative moment region capacity.
In special circumstances E.FLOORDECK may be obtained with a prepainted finish to the underside.
Available Length: E.FLOORDECK sheet are readily available: Custom made, in any length to meet the requested project length.

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2016-03-05 21:48:16

Zinc Coated Steel G450 is hot - dipped zinc coated structural steel


2015-12-18 02:42:06

E.FLOORDECK is a structural panel element that acts as the surface of floor and is roll formed from Hot-dipped Zinc-Coat