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A) Pencil Hardness  ASTM  D3363: H/3H

B) Impact Test : ASTM  D2794

A 500g is used to punch a 12.7mm diameter impact object from 500mm height., the impact object then hit right on the steel sheet underneath, after that, stick the tape onto  the impact point  tightly and the peel off rapidly in 180o, the film adheres well without any flakes.

C) Erichsen Test ASTM  E643

Forming a depth of  07mm shape deformation with 12±6mm/min.speed and then peel off rapidly in 180o with 3M # 600 tape. The film adheres well without any flakes.

D) Bending Test ASTM  D4145

Taking a sample and bend it in 180 degree so that the inner diameter is 03 times or 04 times of the sheet thickness (3T or 4T ), then stick the tape tightly and peel off rapidly in 180o, the film adheres well without any flakes.

E) Abrasion resistance

Falling sand ASTM D968: amount of sand drop is over 40 litres.

F) Solvent resistance  NCCA No.II-O

Taking a cotton and moisture it with M.E.K solvent, then press 01 kg force and wipe back and forth more than 100 times, the substrate still won't be seen.

G) Accelerated corrosion and weathering test

    Salt spray Test and ASTM B117 or JIS K5400

After 1250 hours, no rustiness, blisters (over 6 F) and Corrosion can be seen in the unscribed area.

NB 300 hours for un-gauranyeed side (Back side).

H) Weathering Test - QUV  ASTM  G53 or JIS K5400

After 2000 hours, no apparent color changes or chalking phenomenon (Dew Cycles Weatherometer ASTM D3361)

After 1000 hours (500 circulations), no apparent Color changes or chalking phenomenon.

I) Chemical resistance-Spot Test ASTM D 1308

After 30 days of dropping 5% HCL on the surface, there is no apparent changes.

After 30 days of dropping 5% H2SO4 on the surface, there is no apparent changes
After 30 days of dropping 5% NaOH on the surface, there is no apparent changes.

J) Handling and forming

In order not to damage the surface of the steel, it must be handled cautiously during porterage, transporting, forming, processing and packaging, Any improper lubricants will affect the function of steel and pollute its surface, We strongly recommend  not to do so.

K) Storage

No matter what, do not store steel coils in a wet and humid environments. The capillarity may inhale mist and water into the surface and unable to evaporate normally. This can easily deteriorate the steel characteristics, affect its appearance and shorten its life span. Same storage methods are recommended for sheared steels.

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