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Everrich’s roll-formed Colorlume products manufactured by Yieh Phui

Colorlume’s Coating Film available

Polyester (PE), Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP), Acrylic (AC), Polyurethane (PU), PVC Plastisol (PVC Plastisol can be embossed to versatile texture) and PVF2 paints can be applied to Everrich products. In addition, a high-built paint film and special function coating e.g. White Board / Green Board color sheet, Rough Matt/ Neo Matt Polyester color sheet. Anti Electrostatic color sheet. High performance Clean color sheet and Anti-Microbial color sheet can be available to Everrich’s products.

Our product range

Color-Zinc VF-20, ColorFanR VF-20F, ColorLumeR SP-20L Fluorocarbon (PVDF) prepainted steel.


Color-Zinc VF-20, ColorFanR VF-20F, ColorLumeR SP-20L all use a 2 coat 2 bake system (2C2B) and Fluorocarbon (PVDF) with over 70% of KYNAR500R or HYLAR5000TM as the top coat, as for the substrate, it can be chosen from hot dip Zinc, 5%Al-Zn alloy and 55% Al-Zn alloy steels. In other words, those are the superior prepainted steel with same coating system but different base metals.

The three categories of PVDF prepainted steel not only provide excellent weathering resistance, corrosion and chemical corrosion, heat, ultra-violet ray and pollution, but also outstanding formability and excellent color durability.

The three categories of PVDF prepainted steel can resist city grime, acid rain, solarisation and frigid sand storm in North Pole. Under those critical condition, steel are able to preseve its pleasing apperance and completeness. Its life span can be up to 20 years in normal environment.

Standard specification

Due to the difference in substrates, other specifications are as following:

Color-Zinc VF-20, ColorFanR VF-20F, ColorlumeR VF-20L. The inspection and testing processes are in accordance with the regulations.


ColorZinc VF20 uses hot dip Galvanized steel as its substrate, according to JIS 3302 standard, coating mass is Z275 (Two sided 275g/ m2 min).

ColorFanR VF-20F uses 5% Al-Zn alloy steel as its substrate, according to JIS 3317 standard, coating mass is Z275 (Two sided 275g/ m2 min).

ColorlumeR VF-20L uses 55% Al-Zn alloy steel as its substrate, according to JIS 3312 & ASTM A755/792M standard, coating mass is Z150 (Two sided 150g/ m2 min).

Standard thickness of substrate is 0.576mm, other thickness is also available subject to customers’ needs.


Based on different production equipments, Yieh Phui uses Bonderite made by Chemetall SA France for the pre-treatment process. The Bonderite will form a precise and anti-corrosive protection film on the surface.

Coating system

Two sided 2C2B (2 coat 2 bake) coating system.

Top primer

According to customers’ requirements, there’s range of high performance top winner with anti-corrosion function can be chosen from such as Epoxy and Polyurethane (PU).

Top coat

High performance Polyvinyl Fluoride (Abbr: PVDF, PVF2 or called Fluorocarbon) with KYNAR 500R or over 70% of HYLAR 5000TM are used with 20 micron nomiral dry film thickness.

Top Color & Gloss

For color selection, please refer to our standard sample panels or available subject to Inquiry. General top gloss is 25% (60 degree reflection angle, based on ASTM D523 standard).

Superb Paint-ability

The minimized (zero) spangle and skin passed is smooth and homogeneous, providing superb paint-ability. The galvannealing process produces a spongy surface structure which is ideal for paint adhesion.

Superb durability

Everrich steel use specially selected hot dip metallic coated steel as a substrate. The metallic coating retards oxidation of the base steel metal. The paints are specially selected in accordance with the processing method, the 2 coat 2 bake method of paint application provides Everrich steel with extra resistance against abrasion, impact, chemical corrosion and weathering.

Broad Availability

Everrich’s products are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and mechanical characteristics. The broad selection of color, finish, textures, gloss, steel grade, expands the creativity of designers for building exteriors, interior decoration and so on. Everrich products with a PVC coating give the finish a fine texture. Everrich’s products are also available with Laminated PVC or PVF films with grain or leathery finish.

Good adhesion

The thickness of the brittle Zinc-iron alloy layer at the interface of the steel substrate and the Zinc layer is minimized, thereby improving the adhesion of the Zinc coating. The product can be used for lock forming applications.

Weathering Resistance

The coated layer 55% Al-Zn acts as a sacrificial anode, thus protecting the base steel from corrosion. The chromic acid or anti finger print resin coated treatment adds additional protection to products against weathering.

Outstanding Formability

The substrate of Everrich steel, a hot-dip metallic coated cold rolled steel sheet is heat treated in a continuous annealing furnace. It is available in drawing, extra deep drawing, and lock forming grades. The tightly controlled hot dip process minimizes for formation of the brittle Zinc iron alloy layer, thus ensuring a firmly adhering zinc layer which will do not peel off during forming plus the color coatings are durable and flexible.

Quality warranty

Everrich steel warrants that the quality of our products meet our customer requirements and have been tested in advanced on line testing equipment and laboratory facilities for the analysis and improvement of the production processes. Our Technical Department will provide pre-sales and after sales service to our customers.

Recommended End-Uses


The three categories of PVDF prepainted steel are suitable to be used in the critical of open-air dield such as roofing and outdoor walls, especially for those high and huge building which require resistance against atmosphere pollution, frigidity, heat and solarization and durability. Above-mentioned three categories of PVDF prepainted steel are the ideal selections.


For automotive exterior panel and high-way guide-posts.


For any panel which requires durability such as purifying lab, partion hospital, electronic factory which require resistance against corrosion..

Adverse condition

The three categories of PVDF prepainted steel are suitable to be used in the tough environment, however, for coastline area where critical sea wind carries sand, PhuizerEmbossR EV-200 (PVC Embossed PPGL steel) or High-built PVDF steel are recommended.

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