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Colorlume coating

Colorlume PE-20L all use a 2 coat 2 bake coating system (2C2B) with the latest modified Polyester (PE) as the Top coat.

As for the Substrate, it will be 55% Al-Zn Alloy steel. According to  ASTM A755/792M. Coating mass/ AZ150 (Two sided and 150g/m2 min) & AZ200 (Two sided and 200g/m2 min).

1) Pre-treatment:

Yiehphui uses Bonderite made by Chemetall S.A France for the pre-treatment process. The Bonderite will form a precise and anti-corrosive protection film on the surface.

2) Top Primer:

Polyurethane (PU) with high anti-corrosion function is used as the top primer with 05 micron nominal dry film thickness.

3) Top Coat:

The Latest modified Polyester with high workability is used as the top-coat with 20 micron nominal dry film thickness.

4) Top Color & Gloss:

General Top Gloss are 25% (60o reflection angle, base on ASTM D523).

5) Back Primer:

Polyurethane (PU) with high anti-corrosion function is used as Back primer with 02 micron nominal dry film thickness.

6) Coating Film Available:

Polyester (PE), Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP), Acrylic (AC), Polyurethane (PU), PVC Plastisol and PVF2 (PVDF-Fluorocarbon).

7) Back coat:

Epoxy resin with anti-corrosion function and Polyester coating with excellent workability is used as back coat, both with 07 micron nominal dry film thickness.

8) Back Color & Gloss:

Selection of Back coat color are Beige, Grayish white and Gray. For more information, please see Yieh phui Standard Color Panel. General  back coat gloss is 23%, 35% and 65% (60o Reflection angle, base on ASTM D523).

9) Strippable Film:

The strippable film can be added to the surface of PE pre-painted steel subject to customers' inquiry. The strippable film can decrease the mechanical damages caused during the carrying, storing, or the forming process. The film has to be taken off within one month if it is installed outdoor, or within 09 months if it is stored or installed indoor. Otherwise, it will become harder to peel the strippable film off in the warm condition. Please refer to Yieh phui's instruction for strippable film selection.

Colorlume coating

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