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About us

 Everrich is a Production & Construction Company was established in 1995 and since then has been supplying roofing, walling and purlin solutions to projects all over the country, industrial as ...

About us Everrich


Everrich is a Production & Construction Company was established in 1995 and since then has been supplying roofing, walling and purlin solutions to projects all over the country, industrial as well as residential, such as Phu-My Fertilizer Plant, the Mercedes-Benz Extension Facilities, Uong-Bi Thermal Power Plant, Quang Ninh Thermal Power Plant Phase 1&2, Sumidenso, Toyoink-Canon, Cagrill, KumHo and some of those in Nomura, Amata, VietNam-Singapore I.P..

Everrich is a supplier of high quality roofing, walling and purlin materials, that conform to ASTM A792M, ASTM A755/792M, ASTM A653M, AS1397, AS2728 and has been providing customers with best solutions and consistent quality products.

Product range marketed by EVERRICH includes: EVERLOCK, EVERSEAM, E.LOCK-SEAM, EVERDECK, E.FLOORDECK, C&Z purlins, GREEN STRUSS SYSTEM of various sizes and sections, made of high tension steel, and especially wrought steel works produced by the imported German technology, etc. Now the new facility of 42,000 sq.meters, invested by EVERRICH, producing PU Glass wool & Rock wool panel systems of European standards, the first one of this kind in VietNam, has been in operation since 2012. Rock, Glass Wool & PU Sandwich Panel products will be applied to industrial projects such as thermal power plants, deep-freeze containers and storage facilities, shipping industries, and also will be replacing the traditional brick works in high buildings and residential ones.

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EVERRICH's motto is "Provide customers with the best quality and the whole package solutions at reasonable costs". Warranty of ten years is applied to all ranges of products supplied by EVERRICH.

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Dicrectly managing and attending production: 120 persons

- University and post university level : 15% ;

- Intermediate and college level         : 40% ;

- Qualified building construction technicians : 30%

- General laborors, Sencurity guards, Truck drivers: 15% 

Furthermore, we have close cooperation with Hanoi University Construction School Consultance Center for more advanced technical solutions.

Equipment and Machinery for Project Fulfillment:

- Continuous Glass - Wool & Mineral - Wool Sandwich Panel Production line

- Crane and Hoist Systems : 5 MT; 10 MT; 20 MT; 

- 640 MT, 6100mm, 20mm Hydraulic Brake;

- 600 MT, 6100mm, 20mm Hydraulic Shearer;

- Hollow Flange Steel Section Rollformer;

- 8000mm Metal Sheet Folder for making flashing accessories;

- C and Z Steel Section Purlin Rollformers for C75 ->C340, Z80 -> Z300;

- Steel Floor Deck Rollformers for E.Floordeck;

- Meta Roofing Sheet Rollformers  for EVERLOCK, EVERSEAM, EVERDECK, E.LOCK - SEAM;

- Downspout Pipe and Elbow Rollformer;

- Arched Metal Roofing Sheet Rollformer for EVERLOCKEVERDECK;

- 0.4 -> 4.0mm Metal Sheet Slitting Machine;

- Other Machine Tools for Metal Mechanical Processing;

- 300KVA,45KVA Curent Generators;

- Truck Crane for Construction Site Material Handling; for job-site roll forming;

-20' 40' Containers for Site Equiptment protection;

As requirements of projects differ, we shall provide adequate quantity of manpower and equipment to assure the proper work schedule of each project.


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